Sunday, August 3, 2008

Facebook vs. Myspace

Why does it have to be one or the other?

I've noticed recently that there are people that either like facebook or myspace.  It's rare to find someone who likes both equally.  Personally, I'm starting to prefer facebook.  I'll use them both for as long as they accomplish what they are supposed to, but I don't understand certain people's utter dislike for one or the other.

For those myspace junkies, I find it incredibly funny that while you loathe facebook, myspace has started to copy things from your least favorite social networking site.  Of course, I'm mainly talking about the applications.

I've tolerated and even enjoyed the applications on facebook (I was absolutely hooked on Mob Wars and Superheroes for a while), but I refuse to use them on myspace.  For one, they don't look nearly as good on myspace's setup.  Take the bumper stickers for example:

On facebook, the bumper stickers appear as a separate box where they are all placed neatly together.  However, on myspace they are just images (much too small) that appear in comments.  Why do we need a specific application to add images to myspace comments?  I was doing that long before the bumper sticker application.  Also, if I add the image myself, it will be the right size and not surrounded by all the crappy text (the text takes up more space on the comment than the actual bumper sticker, that's just wrong).

So I absolutely refuse to add applications to my myspace profiles.  It's a waste of time and effort.  I'll stick to the much better time-wasting apps on facebook, thank you very much.

William the Bloody Time-Wasting Redd

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