Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The 5 Usual (Regular) Suspects

So, I've been watching "Rob & Big" a lot lately.

I mean, a WHOLE lot...

And one thing that has really struck me is the portrait they had done with Meaty based on that classic Death Row Records pose:


Now, I got this idea from my friend Liz even before I saw "Rob and Big", so she gets the credit, but Rob & Big have got me thinking about it hardcore.  The 5 Regular Guys needs a new image.  We need a group photo that works to enhance the image of the group (plus, the only one we have now is just Jason and I):


And we did that for "Techies" which was almost TWO YEARS AGO (wait, almost!?)

So I've decided it's time for a new pic.  I talked to Liz, who is an amazing graphic artist, and she said one thing that got me hooked: "The Usual Suspects"

Even if you haven't seen the movie, you know the image:


It's just a classic.

I'm talking to the guys and we are going to do this pic.  It will happen.  One thing though, it's pretty much impossible to get us all together.


I hope to have all the pictures together by the end of September (will involve a trip to Greensboro, but we'll work it out) and the final product soon after.

Photo to follow...

William the Bloody Photogenic Redd

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