Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I declare war on my own incapacity

That's it!

I'm done being this guy.

I can't stand it anymore.

Starting tomorrow I am going to start accomplishing things on my list once more.  I can't sit around and be this guy who just... well, sits around.

First up, I have to hit the post office.  I have a letter to send out for the Nerdfighters.  I'll explain more on that after the letter is delivered (and I hopefully hear back from the recipient).

Then, gotta find the best compression for one of the shorts, and the best way to get it to the director.  Maybe she can just send me the upload information so I can do it myself.

I guess I'm kind of getting back to it.  I did make a video for youtube finally.  It's a response to the 5 Awesome Girls channel.  Check it out:

William the Bloody Accomplished Redd

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