Friday, March 14, 2008

My resolve is for sh*t!

Day 2 and I'm already messin' things up!

Good job!

Anyway, here we go with yet another page of crap from the monkey-man (that would be me for the people in the cheap seats).

I'll try to make this one quick, because it's late and I'm about to pass out.  The main reason I missed posting yesterday is because my buddy Jason came to town and I've been busy working on some of our projects with him.  That's not an excuse, but I do find it incredibly difficult to write personal shit when someone is over my shoulder (not that he'd be reading it, I'm just a paranoid bastard like that).  Right now I'm kind of hiding out in my bedroom while he's trying to sleep on the floor in the next room.

Wow, "hiding out".  I make it sound like I'm freakin' Anne Frank.  OK, I nonchalantly walked my laptop into my room so I could write this... better?

Again, I get off topic.  The main thing I wanted to let everyone know is that along with this blog, Jason and I have decided to enter the realm of podcasting (anyone else notice that I seem to have about 50 projects going at any given time?) and here's the address to the first episode:

So, yeah, we're calling the show "Movie Talk!"  It's a bit generic, but it's also simple and to the point.  Hopefully this will lead to several audio podcasts and a couple of video podcasts to go along with it.

I've come to realize lately that I have accounts on hundreds of different web sites, many of which do the same thing.  For example, I have accounts on youtube and which both host videos.  And I've even posted some videos on both those sites.

I need to see exactly how the RSS feed works and try to use it to my advantage.  Must try to simplify things.

But, back to the podcast.  As you might guess from the name, we are going to talk about movies.  The first episode, which is very much a trial run, is all about comic book movies.  The total run time on episode one is an hour and twenty minutes, so it's a little rambling and long-winded (I know what you're thinking, "William, you?  Long-winded?  NEVER!").  Hard to believe, but true.

So, if you like long, rambling conversations about movies, check us out!  ;-)

The first episode is about comic book movies, because we saw the trailer for the new "Incredible Hulk" movie and it got us going.  Then, we thought to record it since we wanted to do a podcast... yeah, we're a couple of brainiacs all right.

OK, I'm gonna cease my ramblings for today.  More tomorrow.

I really mean it this time...

William the Bloody Apologetic Redd

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