Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I have been BLOGGING!

So, I've been doing the blog thing on myspace for a while now, and I even write a little thing every now and again for the Nerdfighter page; but I've decided to start what I guess could be considered an "official" blog.

The reason?  I have thoughts, lots and lots of thoughts (no, this is not going to turn into a Dr. Seuss moment, that was an unfortunate rhyme), and I need some way to get them out of my head before they drive me up the wall.  And hey, why not put them online for the whole world to see?  My public ridicule would not be complete without a blog!

I know what you're thinking, "why not just keep a diary you fat bastard!?"  Well, firstly, screw you; and second, I don't do well with diaries because I'm just keeping them for myself.  Besides, personifying a book just seems odd to me... and that's saying something!

What next?  Uh, I guess you'd like to know a little about me (well, probably not, but I'm gonna tell you anyway).  I'm a writer and filmmaker currently about to finish my first feature film.  I was the director of photography and one of the editors for the film and I'm quite ready to get it out for the world to see.  Currently, it's off being scored.  Then, we just need to add the ADR and sound effects and it is DONE!

I also said writer up there in my ramblings.  Well, remember those thoughts?  They seem to get in the way of my writing every now and again.  Invading my process like the Mongol hordes and distracting me into other pursuits (like watching "Ghostbusters" for the 1,000th time... not an exaggeration).  I'm hoping this blog will help me focus my mind by ridding me of these random thoughts.

What else?  I'm currently working on a Video Blog for YouTube called "The 5 Regular Guys Project".  The idea behind this vlog is for myself and some friends to create a video a day for the entire year.  The past two weeks have not gone well for the project.  I've started slacking off.  This is going to change tomorrow (technically today since it just hit midnight).  I'll have to ask the people of the interweb for some form of punishment.  Something that can be recorded and posted as a video for the project to continue my public ridicule.  I now have two punishments due since I haven't had any good suggestions yet.  Hopefully, I can find something to top John Green's infamous "blenderized Happy Meal".

This blog is going to be updated daily.  Even if I have absolutely nothing to say, I WILL post something on this blog.  The main purpose, as I've already stated, is to help me clear the cobwebs and unburden my mind.  So, it shouldn't be that hard for me to come up with something to post, should it?

See you tomorrow,

William the Bloody Unburdened Redd

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