Monday, March 24, 2008

Cruisin' Through Life

So, I'm currently on a cruise ship right now. How weird is that?

This isn't the first cruise I've been on, but it is the first since the internet became a regular happening in everyone's life. The cost of internet usage is 0.75 cents per minute, so this will be short.

The floating hotel is a strange place. You know you'll see these people constantly as you walk around, and seeing someone you know from back home is even stranger.

It's an interesting experiment, put a bunch of people on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic and see what happens.

Most of them merely get tan or get drunk. I don't really do either, so I make my own fun.

I guess that's why I'm sitting here, alone, typing a friggin' blog...

So it goes.

William the Bloody Bored Redd

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