Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Home for the Holidaze

Now, I come home as often as possible because I do live fairly close (about 2 hours away), but there is something remarkably different about coming home for the holiday season.

Thanksgiving seems the same, there's just a big dinner involved (well, big-GER.  My Dad uses my frequent visits home as an excuse to cook steak).

Christmas and the New Year are different though.

First, I get to see friends that I communicate with online or by phone, but don't hang out IRL with as often as we probably should.

Next, buying presents for family and friends.  I'm constantly at a loss for what to get for some people.  I always wonder if that should tell me something about myself.

Then, there is the receiving of presents from family and friends.  My favorite instance of this was when Jason, Jonathan, and I all got each other the exact same gift (the Garden State soundtrack).

I always feel much happier around the holidays, but I also feel kind of lame for not feeling that way year round.  If every day was like Christmas, I think we'd all be much more content.

Merry Christmas (or enter appropriate holiday greeting in it's place, such as: Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the Winter Solstice, Festivus, Gurnenthar's Ascendance, etc.)

William the Bloody Redd

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gah, I'm such a romantic!

It's like 2 in the morning and I just caught the tale end of "Love Actually".  It was the part where the little boy (Liam Neeson's son in the movie) is running through the airport trying to catch up with his crush.

Watching this, I started feeling a little emotional.  I'm such a hopeless romantic.

I keep hoping that some grand gesture like this will present itself to me and I'll be able to sweep the girl off her feet.  So far, no luck.

Maybe the few moments I have had, I haven't taken.  Or I haven't acted accordingly.

Ah, and now it's "Adventures in Babysitting".  The opening is just great with Elizabeth Shue dancing around and getting ready for her date.

What's wrong with me?

Anyway, I need to get to bed.  Christmas shopping tomorrow.


William the Bloody Hopeless Romantic Redd

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Project 4 Awesome!

Dec. 17th and 18th are the two most remarkable days of the year on YouTube.

Bigger than all the partners, bigger than the drama, bigger than P-Diddy and Oprah, these two days mark the Project for Awesome.

Last year, John and Hank Green got people from all over YouTube to make videos promoting their favorite charities.  They succeeded in taking over the front page for the day and helping to decrease world suck (which is what the Nerdfighters refer to all the bad stuff in the world as).

This year, it's happening again.

Here's my video:

My chosen charity is the Little Red Stocking Fund, which is a part of the Children's Home Society.  Children's Home is an adoption and foster care center that, since 1902, has found loving homes for many children.

Including myself.

I was adopted and I thank Children's Home for being there to make it happen and for choosing my (adoptive) parents for me.

There are a ton of other videos for so many good causes.  We're going to do some good with this.

If you have a moment, go to YouTube and look for any Project for Awesome videos.

Rate, Comment, and Favorite as many as you can.

William the Bloody Charitable Redd

Friday, December 5, 2008

The State of the State

During the Cucalorus Film Festival, I attended a panel discussion called "The State of the State".  This panel was intended to inform everyone of the current status of the film world in relation to Wilmington, North Carolina.  They are constantly replaying this discussion on the local cable access channel and I feel the need to weigh in.  Pardon while I slip into Hunter S. mode.

The room is emptier than I expected it to be, especially for something this important.  During previous years I was more interested in the screenings, trying to see as many movies as possible.  This time I hit up every single workshop and panel I could.  I have definitely started to become more focused on production and keeping my own productions going.  That's why I'm sitting here letting the drunkard next to me talk on about the usual B.S. that these people talk about during the festivals.

The folks on the panel are talking amongst themselves while the audience writes out what will turn out to be the same old tired questions that everyone asks about the "state of the State"; where do they see the film industry in Wilmington going, do they know of any major productions coming to town, how will the looming actor's strike effect us, etc.  It's honestly a little sickening.  I for one just want to make movies.  I don't really care HOW that happens, just that it does.  This is probably why I don't get along well with many "industry" people in this town.

Finally, the time comes to start the panel.  Actor Peter Jurasik stands at the podium as moderator for the night.  On the panel there is Johnny Griffin, head of the Wilmington Regional Film Commission, Hilarie Burton, actress (One Tree Hill) who has recently started her own production company called Southern Gothic, Lou Buttino, chair of the UNCW Film Studies Program, Bill Vassar, head of Screen Gems Studio, recently re-elected Senator Julia Boseman, and a few others who's names I can't remember.  Also, in the audience was Duke Fire, head of Cape Fear Community College's Film and Video Production Program.  Peter asks the panel questions and they answer in turn.

Sadly, the answers were a series of "this is what we SHOULD be doing" or "this is what we COULD be doing" with no solid answers as to HOW exactly we go about doing it.  This is one of the great disappointments of this town, this self-described "Hollywood East", all the people in charge are a lot of talk.  To quote Faulkner (it's the South, why not), it was a lot of "sound and fury, signifying nothing."

I don't do well playing the political game.  I can handle the handshakes and a certain degree of B.S., but it starts to weigh on me after a while.  Why aren't we actually doing something about the state of our State instead of merely talking about it?  If we worked together, the industry here could become something really impressive.  We have actors, crew, locations, a STUDIO!  What's stopping us?  Politics, or better yet, Hollywood.

Being a branch of a larger studio, Screen Gems is lorded over by corporate control and the horrible Hollywood system.  Independent productions flounder here unless they have a lot of money to throw around.  Of course, by their nature, true independent productions don't have a lot of money.  If they did, they would not be independent (unless you're following Hollywood's new definition of "independent" with big name celebrities in the lead roles).

There needs to be a new underground film movement.  Some have gone to the web as an alternative.  During the writer's strike, Joss Whedon got his friends together and shot a web-serial called "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" (of course, his friends include Nathan Fillion of "Firefly" and Neil Patrick Harris).  We need more creators like Joss who just say "let's do it" and get their cast and crew together.

Independent is no longer a valid term.  It's been co-opted by Hollywood and twisted to fit a new definition.  Why should the real creatives follow the lead of a system that spits out nothing but crap, remakes, or adaptations of better works?  This is where the underground starts.  It's for anyone willing to "burn their bridges" in this "small town" of Wilmington just to make what they want to make.  Because it shouldn't matter if you're friends with everybody, just those that are like-minded and focused.

There are three people on the panel who might be willing to join this little movement, but I would never approach them to do so.  They have to make that first move.

Finally, the panel comes to an end with no new findings.  There are plenty of ideas, but no way to implement them.  Everyone rushes the stage to try and meet Hilarie Burton (who I will admit I was taken by when she started talking about some of her thoughts on how the system should work and why she didn't ever plan on living in Hollywood).  I stick around and say hello to a few local actors who sat in on the panel, find out what they are up to.

The room clears out as everyone walks downstairs into the mass of people waiting in the lobby of Thalian Hall.  I pass Jason Ritter walking out, not realizing it is him until later.  The mass of people in the lobby is choking off all the oxygen, I go out to return a phone call and get some air.

It's time to make some changes to the system.  Who's with me?

William the Bloody Determined Redd

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I think I've overbooked... again!

So,  I'm finally back in Wilmington after Thanksgiving break (which didn't feel like a real break after helping my Dad move furniture between New Bern and Greenville... and then down to Emerald Isle) and I think I have once again taken on too much work.

I realized this today as I talked to my friend Aaron about two projects he wants to try to get done this week.  Along with that, I also have a short I need to script and shoot by Dec. 14th for Project: Direct with Mike from D'Mentd.  Of course, I'm trying to shoot "Finding Maria" before everyone leaves for the holidays.  Then there are my general editing duties which I've yet to finish and need to soon (very soon).

Oh yeah!  And there's the prep work I need to do for next year's YouTube project (more on that later) and the Final Cut Film Festival (anybody know where I can gain access to some wrecked automobiles in Wilmington for a weekend?).

Did I mention I'm also helping a friend move some time this week?

Why do I keep doing this to myself?

William the Bloody Stressed Redd

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'd have to say it was a good day

So, a few weeks ago my friends Corbie and Andy came to town as part of their tour with their band Where the Buffalo Roamed.  The Sunday after the show at the Soapbox, we decided to hit the beach and take a walk.

I took along my video camera to try and potentially revive my defunct YouTube Project for the 5 Regular Guys.

This is the result:


We certainly did.

William the Bloody Beached Redd

Friday, November 28, 2008

I return from the GRAVE!!!

Well, maybe not the grave; but it felt like it for a while there.

Anyway, I'm back to blog.

First things first, just thought I'd update everyone on the whole Buried Life/Bucket List thing.

It's done.

Want to read it? Well, here you go:

1. Write a novel
2. Direct a feature film
3. Travel across Europe
4. Live in New York
5. Live in Paris
6. Live in California
7. Meet Hank and John Green
8. Meet Maureen Johnson
9. Go to Australia
10. Go to Alaska
11. Go to a red carpet event
12. Perform stand-up
13. Be a stunt-man
14. Visit the City Lights Bookstore
15. Invent something
16. Build a robot
17. Make a puppet
18. Create a web-serial
19. Create a TV show
20. Write a stage-play
21. Travel across the country
22. Create a comic book
23. Create a webcomic
24. Learn to dance
25. Learn martial arts
26. Paint something beautiful
27. Learn guitar
28. Learn piano
29. Direct a music video
30. Host a variety show
31. Put together a Roast (Friar's Club, Dean Martin) for a friend
32. Run a movie theater
33. Run a drive-in theater
34. Create a t-shirt
35. Pull off a prank on a friend (large-scale)
36. Build something
37. Rebuild a car
38. Get a tattoo
39. Get a tattoo from Kat Von D
40. Do a "Merry Pranksters" style bus tour
41. Write a song
42. Be a pirate
43. Be a ninja
44. Go to a Renaissance Fair
45. Attend a LARP session
46. Visit Jim Morrison's grave
47. Go to China
48. Meet Uwe Boll (smack him upside the head?)
49. Meet the Dalai Llama
50. Attend a seance
51. Get a spiritual tattoo
52. Meet Stan Lee
53. Meet the Pope
54. Go on an ACTUAL Walkabout
55. Learn to fly
56. Skydive
57. Para-sail
58. Tour with a band
59. Be on Saturday Night Live
60. Go to the Playboy Mansion
61. Pay back my parents
62. Go dog sledding
63. Introduce Jenkins to Jorga Fox
64. Smash a guitar on stage
65. Get in the Guinness Book of World Records
66. Lead a parade
67. Meet Rachel McAdams
68. Throw a block party
69. Kiss a girl at random
70. Give a complete stranger a hug
71. Be on a late night talk show
72. Go out in public and throw a "money shower" (make it rain)
73. Fall in love
74. Dance in public *(partially completed)
75. Pull off a public prank
76. Run with the bulls in Pamplona
77. See the Eiffel Tower
78. See Mt. Rushmore
79. Climb a mountain
80. Go to Tibet
81. Go to a YouTube Gathering
82. Go to a Nerdfighter Gathering
83. Teach a class
84. Travel the Amazon
85. Work with/for Adult Swim
86. Punch Nicholas Sparks in the face
87. Preach a sermon
88. Perform a wedding ceremony
89. Visit New Zealand
90. Visit Easter Island
91. Go deep sea diving
92. Go to the Cannes Film Festival
93. Learn a foreign language
94. Have an action figure made of my likeness
95. Live in Key West
96. See Stonehenge
97. Ride a horse
98. Ride a motorcycle
99. Ride a camel
100. Drive a big-rig truck (18-wheeler)
101. Write Timelord Rock
102. Write Wizard Rock
103. Learn to surf
104. Learn to skateboard
105. Meet Rob & Big
106. Create a Rube Goldberg Device
107. Go Geocaching
108. Hug Beccah (lisasimpson from YouTube)
109. Introduce my mother to Andy Griffith
110. Learn a new dance
111. See Antartica
112. Go to the Sundance Film Festival
113. Go to the Tromadance Film Festival
114. Work for Troma
115. Meet Lloyd Kaufman
116. Visit Vienna
117. Make someone's day
118. Give as many hugs as possible in one day
119. Have a picnic
120. Ride an elephant
121. See the Statue of Liberty
122. See the Pyramids
123. Take a slow boat to China
124. Go to a MAJOR Comic Book Convention
125. Adopt a cat
126. Create an alternate reality game (like the Lost Experience)
127. Experience weightlessness
128. Stand at the edge of a volcano
129. Swim with dolphins
130. Run a marathon

This list is ever-growing, so there will be much more to come...

And I'll hopefully start knocking things off soon.

Oh, and I signed up for a profile on the Buried Life ning.  That list will probably stay more up to date than this one.  Check it out.

Also, I'll be trying to get video of as many of these as possible, so each of these will eventually link to a video and blog post about the experience.

All for now, more tomorrow.

William the Bloody Soon To Be Quite Busy Redd

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A realization

Seems like I'm having quite a few epiphanies of late, hope I don't burn out.

I've been wondering what exactly I should do with this blog.  I originally wanted to start a writing project where I would write every single day just to get in the habit.  Unfortunately, my resolve is for shit.  So, I've been trying to decide what this blog should entail.

The funny thing is, I've also started two other blogs recently; one for movie reviews and another for updates to my Media Blitzkrieg website.  I'm even considering starting another blog for gonzo style posts...

Of course, now that I think about it, this blog could be used for that quite nicely whenever I'm in that kind of mood.  It would certainly fit one of my original concepts for this one.

Still in the process of working through what I want to do, but I'll keep anyone reading updated on that front.

Not that I'm entirely sure anyone is reading this thing...

William the Bloody Indecisive Redd

Monday, September 8, 2008

Not that I'm a huge Obama fan...

But seriously, get off his religious views as a reason to find him "suspicious".  It's sad.

The 1st Amendment of our glorious Constitution guarantees freedom of religion without persecution.  Anyone remember that?  The Obama detractors sure don't.  Of course, these are the same assholes who want to wipe their ass with the Constitution by having reporters arrested for trying to report on certain things.

Just because a man is a Muslim, or does not consider the bible something to swear an oath on, does not make him evil.  Actually, it makes him a truer American than the one forcing others to change their views based on his own.

In the words of Evelyn Beatrice Hall (not Voltaire as most believe):

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

I am so sick of these people who claim they just report the facts, but merely report one side of them.  Let's be truly without bias in our claims people, then those who are of weaker minds will not form their own warped opinions and try to corrupt others.

Mike Judge wasn't very far off with his possible future predictions in "Idiocracy".  We're becoming  a nation of morons, and the politicians are loving it.  They can make anything they say seem true with the proper spin, and with the help of some very talented media outlets...

Welcome to the REAL "no-spin zone".

William the Bloody Dizzy Redd

Friday, September 5, 2008

Honestly, I expected more

So, everyone has been getting prepared for Hanna, and I did honestly expect more at this point.

People have mentioned losing power already.  This strikes me as odd since I live in an apartment complex with some of the worst power in town, but not even a brown-out here (he says, hoping he doesn't jinx it).

Normally, if a storm is gonna hit us, the power would be gone by now and I'd be writing this down in hopes of typing it up when the lights return.

Still, I'm not an idiot.  I hit the grocery store today and stocked up on food.  Lots of dry-goods and non-perishables... plus some perishables because I figured it would be a while before Hanna got here.  Of course, no one knows when that's going to be.

The Weather Channel says the storm is hitting land in SC (low down the coast) and working it's way up from there.  Hopefully, by the time it reaches us, she'll be too weak to do much damage. There's a Weather Channel reporter on right now live from Ocean Isle, NC who is outside reporting with strong winds, but no rain at the moment.

Ophelia was the last hurricane to do some damage here.  The one thing that amazes me at the moment is the lack of rain (again, he says hoping he doesn't jinx things).  Normally, there would be a massive collection of water in my parking lot (right outside my door), and the car would be immersed slightly.  Fortunately, that hasn't happened yet.

Of course, if it does I have an invite to go stay with some friends downtown (assuming I can get the car out of the lot by that point) and hang with them.  I'll probably take them up on that tomorrow.

For tonight, more storm prep just in case.

EDIT: Perhaps I spoke too soon.  The power just stuttered a few times.  Not good.

Batten down the hatches, me hardies.  This here be a man-eater. Y'argh.

William the Bloody Despicable Redd

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Myspace is pissing me off!

I don't allow my password to get phished.  I'm smarter than most of the 15 year-olds who frequent myspace.

However, somehow over the past three weeks my myspace page has been supposedly "phished" three times.

I don't like changing my password, and this is absolute bullshit.

Also, the way they tell you to change your password is way too frickin' condescending:

"Your password has been phished.  This means that you entered your password to an unsecured site..."

No, what it means is that you assholes have screwed the pooch with these crap applications (which I haven't even added) and your security is for shit (and always has been).

And if it keeps up, I'm saying to hell with your crappy fucking website and telling everyone I know to add me on facebook.

Fuck you Tom.  Fuck you hard and fast.

William the Bloody Aggravated Redd

Monday, August 25, 2008

The value of life and death

My grandfather passed away Sunday night.

He'd been in declining health for the past few years, but it was still rather sudden.

One of the things that I keep coming back to as I think about his life and the inevitability of death is what I've accomplished.  On the one hand, it seems like quite a lot, but in the long run, my life has been rather small.  Most nights I sit at home and watch TV, or mess around on the internet (maybe write a new blog... ahem).  When I really sit down and think about it, I've spent roughly 70% of my life sitting home alone doing a whole lot of nothing.

I also think about his life, the things he's done.  Then there's my paternal grandfather (well, step-grandfather actually) who died several years ago.  He had an exciting life.  He travelled, he lived.  They both did.

So all this led me to one very simple conclusion:

It's time to get off the fucking couch!

I'm sick and bloody tired of watching from the sidelines and am ready to get in the game.

Now, I've said things like this before (I said it when my other grandfather died), but this time I'm really going to do it.  Because, here's the other thing...

...I'm 29 years old.

That means next year (next July to be exact) I'll be 30.  There are so many things I hoped to have done by at least 30 that I haven't done.  Many of them are on my "100 things to do before I die" list that everyone has (at least in their heads; mine's on paper).  There's a documentary about a group of guys trying their damnedest to mark everything off their own list called "The Buried Life"

This inspired me to finally write out my list, and now I want to see how many of the items I can cross off before I turn 30.

My friend J created a "Dirty 30" list for when he turned 30 this year, I'm hoping to top his list.

I'll post the list soon, and I'll probably vlog about it on the 5 Regular Guys Youtube page.  That will be posted here as well.

Again, my goal is to complete as many of the tasks I've set for myself on my "100 Things To Do Before I Die" list before I turn 30.  This happens next July, so I have a little under a year.

I better get crackin'!

William the Bloody Determined Redd

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The 5 Usual (Regular) Suspects

So, I've been watching "Rob & Big" a lot lately.

I mean, a WHOLE lot...

And one thing that has really struck me is the portrait they had done with Meaty based on that classic Death Row Records pose:


Now, I got this idea from my friend Liz even before I saw "Rob and Big", so she gets the credit, but Rob & Big have got me thinking about it hardcore.  The 5 Regular Guys needs a new image.  We need a group photo that works to enhance the image of the group (plus, the only one we have now is just Jason and I):


And we did that for "Techies" which was almost TWO YEARS AGO (wait, almost!?)

So I've decided it's time for a new pic.  I talked to Liz, who is an amazing graphic artist, and she said one thing that got me hooked: "The Usual Suspects"

Even if you haven't seen the movie, you know the image:


It's just a classic.

I'm talking to the guys and we are going to do this pic.  It will happen.  One thing though, it's pretty much impossible to get us all together.


I hope to have all the pictures together by the end of September (will involve a trip to Greensboro, but we'll work it out) and the final product soon after.

Photo to follow...

William the Bloody Photogenic Redd

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Facebook vs. Myspace

Why does it have to be one or the other?

I've noticed recently that there are people that either like facebook or myspace.  It's rare to find someone who likes both equally.  Personally, I'm starting to prefer facebook.  I'll use them both for as long as they accomplish what they are supposed to, but I don't understand certain people's utter dislike for one or the other.

For those myspace junkies, I find it incredibly funny that while you loathe facebook, myspace has started to copy things from your least favorite social networking site.  Of course, I'm mainly talking about the applications.

I've tolerated and even enjoyed the applications on facebook (I was absolutely hooked on Mob Wars and Superheroes for a while), but I refuse to use them on myspace.  For one, they don't look nearly as good on myspace's setup.  Take the bumper stickers for example:

On facebook, the bumper stickers appear as a separate box where they are all placed neatly together.  However, on myspace they are just images (much too small) that appear in comments.  Why do we need a specific application to add images to myspace comments?  I was doing that long before the bumper sticker application.  Also, if I add the image myself, it will be the right size and not surrounded by all the crappy text (the text takes up more space on the comment than the actual bumper sticker, that's just wrong).

So I absolutely refuse to add applications to my myspace profiles.  It's a waste of time and effort.  I'll stick to the much better time-wasting apps on facebook, thank you very much.

William the Bloody Time-Wasting Redd

Not much to say early in the morning

So, yeah.

Had a fun day.  Went to the screening of "The 27 Club" and it's simply incredible.  This was a feature filmed partly here in Wilmington.  I know a lot of the crew, so I snagged the invite (thank you Vanessa).  It was originally called "Three Words and a Star", and honestly I'm glad they changed the name.  I understand the title, but the "average joe" movie-goer will be scratchin' their heads trying to figure it out.  But, as I said, the movie is great so go see it when you get the chance.

Then, there was the after party.  This was interesting because it was at a hookah bar.  Now, not the first time I've smoked from a hookah (surprisingly mellow considering I'm not a smoker and have mild bronchial asthma), but it's my first time in a public.  Kinda cool.  Nothing much going on at the after party, so some of us decided to head next door (two doors down technically) to a club called Pravda.  Pravda is a communist-themed bar.  Read that again, it helps to see/hear that at least twice.

Save it's sketchy theme, the bar is very cool.  We hung around, everyone else drank (I never have.  Just a personal preference), then LeAnne taught me to dance a basic Salsa.  Not bad, considering I have two left feet most of the time (still fumbled around a bit, but I wasn't horrible).  It was a fun time.

Then, we went back to Oasis (the hookah bar) and spent the rest of the night huddled together and talking until the bartender kicked us out (he was quite patient considering he didn't say anything for 35 minutes after closing time).

And that was my night.  Probably need to have more of those.  Certainly better than hanging around the apartment watching the sorry state of affairs we call television.

Also, pleasantly surprised to find my response to Toddly00's story contest has over 200 views already and several positive comments (including one from Todd himself).

Here's Todd's original video:

And here's what I came up with:

So yeah, there's that.

Oh, and I like how all the "related videos" that YouTube found are all "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" videos.  Apparently, YouTube equates my experience in Toddland with the wacky adventures of Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan, esq.  I'm quite honored.

Well, I think I'm tapped out for tonight/this morning.  Think I'll sign off and try that new trend I keep hearing about.  What was it called again?  Oh, SLEEP!  That's right.  I've heard it's quite nice.

Please remember... be excellent to each other.  (we miss you George)

William the Bloody Excellent Storyteller Redd, esq.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Doctor Who made me cry

What is it about certain series making me tear up like a friggin' baby?

So, the series (season for us in the U.S.) finale of Doctor Who just went off and I'm sitting here drying my eyes because of the result.  I think the saddest thing in the world would be having all those great adventures with the Doctor wiped from your head and going back to your meaningless little existence.  At least all the other companions left behind have the memories.  They have their time with the Doctor to look back on.  Donna has nothing.  She's left to a fate worth than death.

Dalek Khan was right, one did die.  And it was the worst kind of death imaginable.  To me, the loss of mind is the one thing that truly horrifies me.

Certain shows have always had that effect on me.  When Buffy died at the end of season 5 of BtVS (and "The Body" is the most I've EVER cried), when Anya and all the others died trying to stop the First at the end of the series, when Illyria took over Fred's body in season 5 of "Angel" (if you haven't caught on, Joss Whedon makes me his bitch on a regular basis).  Don't get me started on "Serenity".  The new Doctor Who series has had the same power over me.  The Doctor and Rose have had many teary moments.

Two people I watch on YouTube are big Doctor Who fans.  Kayley and Rosianna started a channel to have an ongoing discussion about the latest series.  They seem to have a similar reaction to the show.  Here are some videos regarding their take on the finale:

It's funny.  Growing up I didn't know any girls who were fans of the Doctor.  I'm sure there were some, I just didn't know any.  Now, because of the move to nerdy things being cool (thank you Harry Potter and Nerdfighters, et. al!), and the power of the internet, we can find each other and talk about the things we have in common.

I love all you nerdy girls and wish I could meet you IRL.

William the Bloody Nerdy Redd

William don't text

Reposting and expanding this from myspace:
(why? because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!)

For there are two certainties in life, this I know:
Charlie don't surf, and William don't text.

I don't understand text messaging.

I'm sorry to those of you that love it and can't live without it, but to me it seems like a waste.  Do we really need this half-assed form of textual communication?

I have at least five e-mail accounts (on actual count, 8 or more), three myspaces, a facebook, a blog, a website that seriously needs to be revamped, twitter, a ning account (for nerdfighters and youtube), two youtube accounts, and whatever instant messenger I happen to be fascinated with this week. I don't need yet another way to text people. Especially text from a phone.  Anyone who knows me has seen my rant in support of David Lynch's rant about movies on the iPhone.  If I don't want to watch movies on a phone, why the hell would I want to type on one?

It's time everyone knew this, because I think I might be missing out on some communications from folks. I have text messages blocked from my cell phone because I don't use them. So please, if you want to get in touch with me with your cell phone, CALL ME.

Or, if you must use text, sign up for twitter and "follow" me (their term, not mine). You can update twitter from your cell phone, so it's just like texting. Or, perhaps there's an IM program that you can access through text. If so, let me know and I'll sign up for it so you can keep in touch with me.

So, if you've tried to text me recently... or ever for that matter, I'm not ignoring you. They're actually blocked from coming in. Did that when I got the phone (which I'd really prefer not having in the first place). I have a hundred other forms of textual communication and I only like to type on a full keyboard, so no texting for me.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

I know, it sounds crazy, but it's just one of my little quirks. By God, I'm eccentric and you love me for it.

William the Bloody Quirky Redd

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I declare war on my own incapacity

That's it!

I'm done being this guy.

I can't stand it anymore.

Starting tomorrow I am going to start accomplishing things on my list once more.  I can't sit around and be this guy who just... well, sits around.

First up, I have to hit the post office.  I have a letter to send out for the Nerdfighters.  I'll explain more on that after the letter is delivered (and I hopefully hear back from the recipient).

Then, gotta find the best compression for one of the shorts, and the best way to get it to the director.  Maybe she can just send me the upload information so I can do it myself.

I guess I'm kind of getting back to it.  I did make a video for youtube finally.  It's a response to the 5 Awesome Girls channel.  Check it out:

William the Bloody Accomplished Redd

Too late/early to blog

It is definitely too late and/or early to be blogging, yet here I am.  What the hell?

I'm going to (I say this for the hundredth time) try to start blogging every day.  I know I've said this a lot, but this time I mean it.  Honest.

Right now, I have something on my mind and I just need to get it out.

So, I find myself stuck in this mental freeze pattern.  I can't seem to get things done.  My list of tasks to be completed is constantly growing because I can't manage to cross anything off.  I don't finish things.  I have hundreds of projects, going back to my youth, that I just never finished.  Seems I'm incapable of seeing things through to the end.  Wish I could figure out what that was about.  The thing is, I feel if I could just complete a few things on that list, it would break the cycle.

Anyone else see the humor in that?

There's something else... a girl.

I seriously wish I could figure out what to do about this one.  I'm absolutely in love with this girl, but she sees me as nothing more than a friend.  Which, to a degree, I don't really have a problem with.  However, our friendship is rather stagnant at the moment.  When she first moved to town, we were hanging out every couple of days.  But, of late, she's been far to busy to do anything.  Now, I certainly understand how things can get hectic, especially with school and work in the mix, but it's important to communicate with your friends so they know you still think about them.

And in the age of the internet, how hard is it to drop a friend a line on one of the hundreds of social networking sites that everyone belongs to?  A little comment on myspace.  Maybe a bumper sticker on facebook.

Honestly, if we would just talk more often I'd be over the effin' moon.

Carry on world,

William the Bloody Confused Redd

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Go-Phone advertisers in my HEAD!!


So I've been thinking about that new Go-Phone ad with Meatloaf and Tiffany when I realized something strange and curiously specific to me...

The first cassette tape I ever owned was Tiffany's self-titled album (hey, don't judge me.  I was 8 and thought she was really cute).  And yeah, I owned cassettes.  In fact, I still got 'em!

Now here's where it gets a little strange:

The first CD I bought was Meatloaf's "Bat Out of Hell II".  Which I still think is a great album.  Well, he's just awesome anyway.

So, the advertisers of the Go-Phone decide to shoot a commercial with Meatloaf using "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" (amazing song) for an ad.  They set up a father and son talking about getting a phone through the song.  Then, the mother comes in.  And, out of all the female singers they could have chosen to play mom, they just happen to choose...

Do I have to say it?

OK, they choose TIFFANY! (who still looks amazing, by the way).

Was this just a random occurrence?  Dumb luck?

Or, was it something more?

Meh, it's just a weird coincidence.  But a really strange one, yes?

Just had to ease my mind.

As always,

William the Bloody Strangely Coincidental Redd

Monday, March 24, 2008

Cruisin' Through Life

So, I'm currently on a cruise ship right now. How weird is that?

This isn't the first cruise I've been on, but it is the first since the internet became a regular happening in everyone's life. The cost of internet usage is 0.75 cents per minute, so this will be short.

The floating hotel is a strange place. You know you'll see these people constantly as you walk around, and seeing someone you know from back home is even stranger.

It's an interesting experiment, put a bunch of people on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic and see what happens.

Most of them merely get tan or get drunk. I don't really do either, so I make my own fun.

I guess that's why I'm sitting here, alone, typing a friggin' blog...

So it goes.

William the Bloody Bored Redd

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Have you questioned your sanity lately?

So, it's been said that "only the sane man thinks himself insane".

This may be true, but if I'm the sane one, I have one question...


Seriously, the world seems more insane every time I step outside.  What's the deal?

Is it something in the water?  Has the radiation gotten to us finally?  Is it all the waves in the air?

I knew this street preacher in Raleigh (he's probably still there), who was absolutely out of his mind, who once claimed that "radio waves cause AIDs".

I'm not making that up.  He ACTUALLY said that.  Then, he clammed up when we asked what he meant by that.  I think the small glimmer of sanity in the back of his brain finally spoke up and said, "dude, you just fucked up!"

So, maybe the radio waves aren't AIDs producing, but maybe they ARE insanity producing?

THAT'S IT!  I'm getting a tinfoil hat!

The rest of you can let the crazy take you, but not me.  Not this boy.  I have too great a respect for logic to let myself buy into the insanity of the modern world.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go talk to my friend Bob...

Oh, you can't see him; he's invisible...

... and he's a pirate...

William the Bloody Sane(?) Redd

Friday, March 14, 2008

My resolve is for sh*t!

Day 2 and I'm already messin' things up!

Good job!

Anyway, here we go with yet another page of crap from the monkey-man (that would be me for the people in the cheap seats).

I'll try to make this one quick, because it's late and I'm about to pass out.  The main reason I missed posting yesterday is because my buddy Jason came to town and I've been busy working on some of our projects with him.  That's not an excuse, but I do find it incredibly difficult to write personal shit when someone is over my shoulder (not that he'd be reading it, I'm just a paranoid bastard like that).  Right now I'm kind of hiding out in my bedroom while he's trying to sleep on the floor in the next room.

Wow, "hiding out".  I make it sound like I'm freakin' Anne Frank.  OK, I nonchalantly walked my laptop into my room so I could write this... better?

Again, I get off topic.  The main thing I wanted to let everyone know is that along with this blog, Jason and I have decided to enter the realm of podcasting (anyone else notice that I seem to have about 50 projects going at any given time?) and here's the address to the first episode:

So, yeah, we're calling the show "Movie Talk!"  It's a bit generic, but it's also simple and to the point.  Hopefully this will lead to several audio podcasts and a couple of video podcasts to go along with it.

I've come to realize lately that I have accounts on hundreds of different web sites, many of which do the same thing.  For example, I have accounts on youtube and lulu.tv which both host videos.  And I've even posted some videos on both those sites.

I need to see exactly how the RSS feed works and try to use it to my advantage.  Must try to simplify things.

But, back to the podcast.  As you might guess from the name, we are going to talk about movies.  The first episode, which is very much a trial run, is all about comic book movies.  The total run time on episode one is an hour and twenty minutes, so it's a little rambling and long-winded (I know what you're thinking, "William, you?  Long-winded?  NEVER!").  Hard to believe, but true.

So, if you like long, rambling conversations about movies, check us out!  ;-)

The first episode is about comic book movies, because we saw the trailer for the new "Incredible Hulk" movie and it got us going.  Then, we thought to record it since we wanted to do a podcast... yeah, we're a couple of brainiacs all right.

OK, I'm gonna cease my ramblings for today.  More tomorrow.

I really mean it this time...

William the Bloody Apologetic Redd

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I have been BLOGGING!

So, I've been doing the blog thing on myspace for a while now, and I even write a little thing every now and again for the Nerdfighter page; but I've decided to start what I guess could be considered an "official" blog.

The reason?  I have thoughts, lots and lots of thoughts (no, this is not going to turn into a Dr. Seuss moment, that was an unfortunate rhyme), and I need some way to get them out of my head before they drive me up the wall.  And hey, why not put them online for the whole world to see?  My public ridicule would not be complete without a blog!

I know what you're thinking, "why not just keep a diary you fat bastard!?"  Well, firstly, screw you; and second, I don't do well with diaries because I'm just keeping them for myself.  Besides, personifying a book just seems odd to me... and that's saying something!

What next?  Uh, I guess you'd like to know a little about me (well, probably not, but I'm gonna tell you anyway).  I'm a writer and filmmaker currently about to finish my first feature film.  I was the director of photography and one of the editors for the film and I'm quite ready to get it out for the world to see.  Currently, it's off being scored.  Then, we just need to add the ADR and sound effects and it is DONE!

I also said writer up there in my ramblings.  Well, remember those thoughts?  They seem to get in the way of my writing every now and again.  Invading my process like the Mongol hordes and distracting me into other pursuits (like watching "Ghostbusters" for the 1,000th time... not an exaggeration).  I'm hoping this blog will help me focus my mind by ridding me of these random thoughts.

What else?  I'm currently working on a Video Blog for YouTube called "The 5 Regular Guys Project".  The idea behind this vlog is for myself and some friends to create a video a day for the entire year.  The past two weeks have not gone well for the project.  I've started slacking off.  This is going to change tomorrow (technically today since it just hit midnight).  I'll have to ask the people of the interweb for some form of punishment.  Something that can be recorded and posted as a video for the project to continue my public ridicule.  I now have two punishments due since I haven't had any good suggestions yet.  Hopefully, I can find something to top John Green's infamous "blenderized Happy Meal".

This blog is going to be updated daily.  Even if I have absolutely nothing to say, I WILL post something on this blog.  The main purpose, as I've already stated, is to help me clear the cobwebs and unburden my mind.  So, it shouldn't be that hard for me to come up with something to post, should it?

See you tomorrow,

William the Bloody Unburdened Redd